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Answering the call to serve will prove to be one of the most rewarding endeavors in your life, but the wear and tear that can be put on your feet is one consequence to take seriously. Elders and sisters will definitely be walking, with some individuals traveling as far as 20 miles a day! Regardless of the climate you are serving in, it’s essential to take care of all of your missionary clothing to represent the Lord in a proper, professional way. As a representative of the Church, it’ll fall on you to keep everything clean and pristine. The Kater...

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lds missionary clothing, missionary clothing, missionary shoes, mormon clothing, The Kater Shop -

One fact that is widely accepted across the globe is that missionaries walk. A lot. Some estimates posit that elders and sisters in some cases walk up to 20 miles a day. When you think about this distance over the course of 730 days, it’s easy to see why Mormon shoe and foot care is so important once the call comes in. The Kater Shop is your source for durable, affordable LDS clothing in Logan. From travel accessories to missionary packages, we have the gear and expertise needed to help you serve proudly.No matter how sturdy and comfortable our missionary...

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