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    A Mans Guide To Wardrobe Maintenance

    You know you’ve done it — you’ve brought something that could have beenwashed at home to the dry cleaner’s, just because you weren’t quite sureyou’d get it right.There’s no shame in turning to the drycleaners when you need them.And for a number of garments it’s simply themost convenient option — washing and dryinga wool suit at home without damaging it is atime-consuming process... CLICK HERE for the rest of the article!

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    7 Deadly Style Sins

    I’m going to be blunt with you... before you open your mouth, people make a snapdecision about you.The greatest men in history knew this, and from Twain to Gandhi, Churchill toReagan, they used their personal presentation to set the stage for their message.Too many men fail to understand that how they look is how they are perceived byothers; and how we are perceived by others can have a huge effect on howsuccessful we are at work, at home, and in life.If you look incompetent, you will be treated as incompetent and face an uphill battlechanging minds.If, however, you appear to be on top of your game, people will assume you are an Alevel player... CLICK HERE for the rest of...

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