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    How To Dress For Your Body Type

    Ever see an image of an AMAZING outfit? Then try to replicate it? Gather eachpiece... Try it on... Look in the mirror...and say? This looks nothing like the picture!Chances are, you don’t have the same body type as the guy in the photo.And also, you know...there’s photoshop. The truth is... we’re not all built the same.Don’t worry though. You can still look great! This article is going to teach you how todress for your body type. Before we get started there are a couple housekeepingrules. CLICK HERE for the rest of the eBook!

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    You’re on a first date.You’re dressed to impress. The trousers are clean pressed, shirt is starched,pocket square and watch look great!When you arrive, she’s smiling at you and then looks down and sees it.Your cracked, 10-year-old, square toed leather shoes.FAILThe first impression is done. Dress shoes, gentleman. They can make orbreak an outfit.Many studies have shown that shoes are one of the first things women noticeon an outfit. So how can you be sure to make a killer first impression?This eBook gives you everything you need to know about men’s dress shoes.From which ones to buy first, to how to care for them correctly. CLICK HERE for the rest of the eBook!

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    ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet to 10X Your Income with Style

    My friend Jing landed an interview for his dream job at Apple.Jing was the smartest guy I knew...But when I saw him on interview day... I knew he wouldn’t get the job.Why?He had on an oversized suit, ugly dress shoes, and NONE of it matched.How much did that mistake cost him?He could’ve leveled up his income by 10X without that mistake...Don’t throw away money like he did... dial in your style. CLICK HERE to read the whole article!

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