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    How To Dress For Your Body Type

    Ever see an image of an AMAZING outfit? Then try to replicate it? Gather eachpiece... Try it on... Look in the mirror...and say? This looks nothing like the picture!Chances are, you don’t have the same body type as the guy in the photo.And also, you know...there’s photoshop. The truth is... we’re not all built the same.Don’t worry though. You can still look great! This article is going to teach you how todress for your body type. Before we get started there are a couple housekeepingrules. CLICK HERE for the rest of the eBook!

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    A Mans Guide To Wardrobe Maintenance

    You know you’ve done it — you’ve brought something that could have beenwashed at home to the dry cleaner’s, just because you weren’t quite sureyou’d get it right.There’s no shame in turning to the drycleaners when you need them.And for a number of garments it’s simply themost convenient option — washing and dryinga wool suit at home without damaging it is atime-consuming process... CLICK HERE for the rest of the article!

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    7 Common Mistakes Men Make Buying Custom Clothing

    So you're considering buying custom clothing - Congratulations!A tailored suit, shirt, or coat can be one of the best investments a manmakes.Done right, a good piece of tailored clothing will last for years or evendecades, fit like a dream, and make the wearer look great.There are, however, pitfalls that even an experienced clothing buyer canstumble into along the way to a great custom outfit.USE this guide to learn the ins and outs of custom clothing from the pros! CLICK HERE to read the rest of the 7 Common Mistakes Men Make Buying Custom Clothing!

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