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  • Order your Missionary Style Box

    How do I order a Missionary Style Box? 

    1. Contact Us 
    2. Missionary Stylist will reach out to you via email/phone
    3. Receive your Missionary Style Box in the mail
    4. Pay only for what you keep, ship back the rest! 

     Use our contact us page to get connected to one of our missionary stylists. Your stylist will reach out to you by phone or email to get to know you and understand your missionary clothing needs and preferences. Your consultant will then select items for you based on your preferences and mission climate. When you receive your box, you have 10 days to try everything on. Keep what you want, and send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways (including returns).  There’s a pre-paid return label in every box and we’ll schedule a free pick-up on request.

    All of your missionary clothing shipped to you. No Hassle. Expert Advice.
    Free shipping. Free returns. No commitment. Keep what you want.
    Style, Quality, Convenience and Trust in one box.