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    How much does a Missionary Style Box cost?

    There is no cost to order a box. You pay for the items you keep. You are only charged after you return the items you do not want.

    What if I’m keeping everything in my box?

    That's great! Let your consultant know and we will charge the credit card on file and you’ll receive an emailed receipt for your purchase.

    Will I be charged anything if I return everything in my box?

    No. As long as all clothing is returned in its original, unworn condition with tags attached, you will not be charged.

    How will I know what items in my box cost?

    You and your consultant will discuss what type of clothes will be in your box. Once you receive your box, each item will have a price tag and each box contains a packing list with prices for every item included.

    When will I be charged?

    We offer a free 10-day, try-on-at-home approach to buying clothes. We send you a selection of items. You decide what to keep and what to send back. We charge you only for the items you kept. We require a valid credit card on file before your trunk is shipped.  

    If you don’t ship your box back within 10 days of delivery, you’ll be charged for the entire order on the eleventh day. Don’t worry: If you do get charged, we’ll still take back unworn items in their original condition (with the tags still on) for a prompt, full refund. If you need more time than 10 days, request an extension by emailing info@thekatershop.com.

    Why do you need my credit card?

    Like all companies that ship you products in the mail, we require a valid credit card on file before sending you our merchandise. Your card is not charged when it is added to your account. We only charge you for the specific items that you keep.